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As the top news publication in Hong Kong and Taiwan with dedicated readers from around the world, Apple Daily continues to gain online audience through their innovative format of video news reporting.  In 2009, Apple Daily launched the revolutionary "Action News" that utilizes actual news video clips, 3D animation and humorous voice over to virtually recreate current events, and international, entertainment, sports and lifestyle coverage.  This vibrant and creative news reporting format is highly favored by their readers boosting more than 192 million global video views with a 70% plus video completion rate on a monthly basis.

Apple Daily is devoted to vitalizing the advertising industry via inventive video, mobile, web, and other digital initiatives for the next digital revolution. Among all the Chinese publications with online presence, Apple Daily is the visionary that employs an integrated approach offering a multi-screen experience; hence the dominance over its competitors across all digital platforms with a phenomenal online viewership and social media influence.

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* Source : Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Play & iTunes 2015
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