Digital Media

Air Supply's integration solution is simple and effective focusing on scalable inventory access, advance precise targeting and optimization automation. It enable custom media exposure and frequency across digital channels based on each individual's propensity and likelihood to engage and convert.


Air Supply Communications works with a number of top Chinese publishers targeting the in-language audience and English speaking Asian Americans. We have first look in their premium inventory and make sure that ad placements are well-integrated with the publisher's content. Additionally, we work closely with these publishers and offer collaborations such as content sponsorship and branded content with high organic engagements across all publisher platforms including social; and enable an all-encompassing online campaign with results.

Direct Publishers
Out of Home

The average consumer spends 70% of their waking hours away from home. Out of Home media aka "OOH" media reaches consumers no matter what their media habits are.  OOH media is able to cover new digital technology platforms and engage consumers in ways that TV or radio can’t.  It is the only media that reaches both of the unacculturated and acculturated Asian American consumers; it is also able to break through clutters and truly grasp people’s attention wherever they work, shop, travel and play.

Event marketing

Media habits have been evolving at a fast pace and in particular, event marketing has  evolved to be more experimental and engaging with the boost of technological products and electronic devices.  While digital online advertising is an effective way to target your audiences, consumer event is a great channel for brand and consumer interaction on a personal level, achieving 2-way communication.  Over the years, we have developed various tools and methods that utilize offline opportunities to support online efforts. As pioneers in the Asian Event Marketing field, Air Supply is definitely the top choice for many clients and agencies.  From corporate to consumer events, we have numerous successful case studies that you may find what you are looking for.

Public Relations

Our PR specialists will assist you in establishing your brand image and ensure you with maximum exposure through our extensive and cooperative relationships with a wide range of Asian American media groups. From choosing the right media outlet that reaches your target audience and drafting press releases in different Asian languages, to coordinating public relations events, we take care of your company’s reputation and brand image in all aspects.